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Authorities and politicians have always talking about the planet’s biggest polluters. They’ve claim there are big polluters, who pumped smoke into the air and dumped dangerous toxins into rivers and lakes. They've razed forests and farmland and produced enormous quantities of greenhouse gases every year and change our planet’s climate.

Environmental destruction in the name of big business is nothing new or unusual. People are so used to it, in fact, that it’s newsworthy when companies work diligently to protect the environment. Some are talking only about, but some make a huge progress on that front, while others are just starting to be more environmentally responsible and don’t know where to go.

It’s not enough, research suggests, especially as manufacturers in China, India, Indonesia and the U.S. continue to produce millions of tons of greenhouse gases each year. But it’s just a start. Read and study our site to get an idea, what we are doing and working on to save the planet.

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