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"New Singapore" is a revolutionary project to create a new type of city-islands

New Singapore is a revolutionary project to create a new type of city-island(s) by combining small islands at the south of Singapore, mostly unused for farming and living, with the creation of a large island using NLC (New Land Creating) © technology.

NLC (New Land Creating) © technology allows you to effectively create an island with an area of 100 square kilometers by combining islands in southern Singapore into one land using NLC (New Land Creating) © technology:

- Pulau Sudong, Pulau Rawai, Pulau Bushing, Pulau Bukom, Pulau Hantu, Pulau Semakau, Pulau Sekeng, Pulau Sebarok and another 10-20 small islands and islets with no name and no economic use within the perimeter of this small archipelago.

New Singapore land Island – 100sq.km on the base of the island. Sudong

The total area of the island is about 100 sq.km. Depths in this place do not exceed 10–15m, the average depth is about 6m. On this place it is possible to create a beautiful large island with land area of about 100 square kilometers, not less than 14% of the total area of Singapore, having arranged on this island at least 30–40 km of mooring line for vessels of any size, from the ocean to yachts, connect this new island with the mainland of Singapore and get new space for housing, utilities and industrial construction.

The island will have a full range of economic infrastructure, including intensive agriculture and food processing industry, off-grid power generation, off-grid water supply, developed urban facilities and everything that is necessary for life, including an airport, passenger and cargo seaports, an industrial zone - both high-tech, export-oriented and local industries working for the island, the whole of Singapore and the surrounding areas.

If Singapore's population is 6 million people per 750 square kilometer, or 8000 people per square kilometer, the projected population density of New Singapore Island should be limited to 3500 people per square kilometer, or just 350000 people. This is the minimum population that allows for a fully functional community on the island of such an area, capable of growth and development, while developing all the necessary sectors of the urban economy.

If you start building the island right now, it can be completed in 5–10 years, and by that time the projected population of the island will have been reached. But in the next 10-15 years it will show an unbridled population growth, which will require an increase in its area. Such an increase is foreseen. The location of the island has been chosen so that there is already a place for its expansion first to 150 and then to 200 square kilometers, that is, in total, up to 25–30% of the area of Singapore today.

Possible type of artificial relief of the island, imitating the natural

Possible type of artificial relief of the island, imitating the natural. (Fig.2)

Figure 2 shows the roads before construction. In the centre are a freshwater lake, the island's central water reservoir (40 million cubic meters of drinking water) and the island's water management tower. Around the reservoir are lakes, a ring village of low-rise buildings, individual villas, townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings.

The island's configuration has been specifically chosen with a coastline that includes many bays and lagoons to provide ports for the passenger and merchant ships, as well as several dozen yacht marinas for berthing up to 10,000 yachts simultaneously. An approximate view of such a yachting marine is shown in the following figure:

Yachting marine in New Singapore

Yachting marine in New Singapore

Fig.3 Yachting marine

Such architectural solutions will allow to attract up to 50,000 yacht tourism visits per year, or up to 200,000 people, up to $2 million person-days of foreign tourists on their own or charter yachts, which can be provided by the company located on the island.

The construction of the island should be carried out using the NLC (New Land Creating) © technology as the most economical in terms of the minimum amount of materials imported from the mainland.

The total volume of ground for the creation of the island, with a land area of 100mn sqm, average depth of 10m2 and average altitude of 10m, i.e. only 20m, will be 2bcm. By using the bottom ground around the island for the construction of the island, but not touching the land for the future expansion of the island, it is possible to create such a land with a single dredger with a capacity of up to 10,000 m3/h of soil, which will require only 200,000 hours of operation of one such dredger. Or 4–5 years of work for 10 such dredgers. At the same time, there should be built both a technical fleet for soil supply from more remote areas of the sea and special vessels for shore construction, i.e. only about 50-100 vessels of the technical fleet. It should be noted that even after the completion of work on this island, there will be a lot of work on other such islands in other countries.

The island should be created with the expectation of a modern efficient economics with a GDP per resident of at least $200,000 USD per person per year. That is, the total GDP of the island should be at least $70 billion dollars a year.
In this case, the cost of creating the land of the island on the NLC (New Land Creating) © technology will not exceed 100 million dollars per square kilometer, that is, the entire island 100 square kilometers should be built for $10 billion U.S. dollars.
To create the entire infrastructure of the island it is necessary to spend another $10 to $20 billion dollars, that is, the finished island should cost US$20-30 billion dollars, and after the construction of all buildings, facilities, enterprises and agricultural infrastructure – $100 billion dollars.

Comparing the finishing value of the island with the projected GDP of US$100 billion dollars per year, $70 billion dollars per year, it is easy to estimate the economic efficiency and potential of such construction.

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