Good News: COViD-19 is defeated by a group of German Virologists – Researchers – start-up with STORM's to stop coronavirus


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The effectiveness of drugs based on the STORM's formula:

  • Covid-19 – 100%
  • Hepatitis – 100%
  • Herpes – 100%
  • AIDS – 73%

solution for covid-19

– COVID-19 is defeated –

The international research group "Storm4Life",
which consolidates specialists from Germany, Malaysia, Switzerland and USA is developing a method to combat coronavirus infection COVID­19.

We are bioogists who work at their own expense and do not have ANY government's or corporate funding.

A patent application has been filed for the invention of a way to fight infection, NOW! – it's a long way to a wide comersializing, at the emaintime we do need Your support and networking.

Because COVID­19 pandemic is spreading with alarming speed, we have decided to involve doctors, medical authorities, as well as insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, media and others who want to help our cause.
You may contact our coordinator, CEO Ingo Storm, with questions, proposals and suggestions to get involved or|and licenese for the cure therapy for that deadly virus.

The international research volunteer group Storm4Life, which consolidates the efforts of specialists from different countries in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, offers its results:

COVID­19 Cure Formula

    The method of destruction of viruses in a patient's organism with the help of substances suppressing the viruses reproduction at the stage of their replication and giving as a result their complete destruction by combination of the method and possibilities of immune system of an organism.
    The method uses only medications that have been tested and approved for medical practice in all countries of the world. These preparations & every part of the "FORMULA" have all necessary permits and instructions, i.e. no special production organization is required. Available pharmaceuticals to formulate the "FORMULA" – available in sufficient quantities in all countries without exception and will not require special delivery.
    The methods of prescription and application of medicines are part of the curricula of all medical schools and are known to every competent physician.
    Here we go:
    in opposition to the "Charles Lieber" the STORM's have the cure! and not a trouble.


The device for express "COVID'19 diagnostics" of Coronavirus presence in human organism at all stages of infection and disease history up to cure is developed and offered for investors. The test device is working on physical effects ONLY, – NO ANY CHEMICAL or BIOLOGICAL processing are required.

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Here we publish a list of the names of the world' elite, who refuse to care for the people, who vote for them. Citizens of the World, know your "heroes" in person!


  • Jens Georg Spahn (geb. 16. Mai 1980 in Ahaus-Ottenstein) is ein deutscher Politiker (CDU). Seit 2002 ist er Mitglied des Bundestages. 2015 bis 2018 war er parlamentarischer Staatssekretar im Bundesfinanzministerium und seit dem 14. Marz 2018 ist er Bundesminister fur Gesundheit im Kabinett Merkel IV. – WIKI Kontakt zu SPAHN : +4915906042812

  • Justin Pierre James Trudeau – 23rd Prime Minister of Canada : WIKI – CONTACT TO PM : at 2020-03-19 14:37 / 2020-03-24 12:35

  • Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson ( born 19 June 1964) – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party, – WIKI

  • Giuseppe Conte (Volturara Appula, 8 agosto 1964) e un politico e giurista italiano, presidente del Consiglio dei ministri della Repubblica Italiana – WIKI – contact: – at 2020-03-07 00:34