STORM's LifeCodeTM to boost immune system!

Ways to improve the immune system in diseases like cancer, diabetes, alergoiya and treatment of these diseases without medication » a purely natural way to


The main objectives of the Ancestral heritage’ VOLKSGRÜN Project are to offer a solution to enhance immunity to the population, including infants and adults, both for disease suppressing:
  • all kinds of cancers;
  • all kinds of allergies;
  • all kinds of liver disease ( hepatitis: hepatit‒A, hepatit‒B, and hepatit‒C) ;
  • all types of diabetes.

To this crystal it was established for the treatment and maintaining a healthy state on a continuous basis of the human body.

Anti allergy STORM's LifeCodeTM Formula


Promotes active rejuvenation of the body, prolonging youth and slowing down the aging process.

The aging process is programmed by nature. Our cells are regularly updated, and the number of cycles for each cell type is limited. In other words, the older we get, the fewer cycles remain in stock and the less often the next round of regeneration starts. At the same time, the reserve of stem cells ‒ the source of new life for all cellular material‒is being depleted. Over time, the human body is left with fewer resources for self‒healing‒begins to fade, which we call aging.
Biologically active substances contained in STORM's LifeCodeTM LifeCode formula are excellent at slowing down the aging process.

Formula "STORM LifeCode for Longevity promotes:

  • ‒ improved metabolism;
  • the decrease in the rate of development of various age‒related diseases;
  • ‒ increased stress tolerance;
  • ‒ increased resistance to toxic substances;
  • ‒ reducing the level of "harmful" fats in the blood;
  • ‒ increase of oxygen supply to cells;
  • ‒ slowing down the body's oxidation;
  • ‒ launching the processes of additional protection from genetic damage;
  • ‒ acceleration of bone regeneration.

LifeCodeTM Formula against all kinds of cancers:

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STORM's LifeCodeTM LifeCode : against all types of diabetes:

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