Dr. Markus Steiner

Dr. Markus Steiner

Mentor and coordinator vs UN funding programs
Every day the UN works to tackle global challenges and deliver results for those most in need. Giving life–saving support to populations hit by humanitarian crises, helping build and keep the peace in conflict–ridden areas, supporting governments and their citizens to advance development and fight poverty, and promoting human rights worldwide are the core pillars of the work of the United Nations and the mandates it receives from its Member States. The Charter of the UN is available in full at United Nations Statment

Ms. Siti (Wulan)

Ms. Siti (Wulan)

Indonesian plant manager and production planning coordination
As a Plant Manager i am responsible for directing, coordinating, and managing the overall bio production plant operation. Assures that the plant's production objectives are achieved at the lowest cost consistent with quality requirements while maintaining compliance with Indonesian State, and Local Safety and Environmental regulations and laws. Delegates responsibility and works through the key managers and staff in production, production control, industrial engineering, cost accounting, maintenance, and other related operations to achieve the desired objectives outlined in the corporate business plan.

bio laboratory


incorporation & financial hub


R&D, intellectual property registration & funding source

Production, distribution & export:
"bpp (seempleStree)" Jln. Kebon Danu, Kesugihan Kidul, Cilacap Jawa Tengah 53274, Indonesia.

For cooperation, joint venture, financing, investment and technology transfer requests, please email us:

Our Plan

Our Plan When you create a new industry from scratch, you need to know who you are and where you're going. At "BPP", we have deep–rooted foundations that anchor us all.

We are constantly looking for balance; not only our own, but also that of our environment and our stakeholders. We cultivate boldness and creativity, while remaining driven by a culture of results of a nuanced scientific topic, within a wide and busy field. We have big ambitions yet remain modest, particularly in terms of our contribution to huge environmental challenges we face: we play our part, but also count on our partnerships and the coming together of solutions to truly affect change.

About impact of food production on climate change

Reduction CO2 emissions by food production

Founded by German researcher, scientists and environmental activists in 2023, "BPP" is pioneering a new industry realizing the full potential of mealworms – putting them at the service of humanity, the planet, and the solving the food problem on our Earth.

We are a team composed of singular but complementary talents working towards a common goal. Our successes are never individual but always collective, the result of working in solidarity with our entire ecosphere. We respect the living and its constraints with patience and consideration. We are committed, ecologically, economically and socially, as well as in our daily jobs. Openness, trust, and empathy are our day–to–day dynamics.

We are constantly adapting to changing environments. We are agile, always in movement, and overcoming obstacles. Our products and technologies continue to evolve to contribute to changes in consumption patterns and thus offer our customers and consumers around the world natural, responsible and sustainable alternatives in order to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. about, how industry, that an " Make Billionaires"

ROADMAP & Events

April 2023

Startup is born !


interposal a capital & alocation of funding


signing a funding agreement with an influential high volume funder.