Bio ecological production of rubber and palm tree without fertilizing at climate change age

volksgrun — for rubber plantation

We are welcome new follower of the fertilizer–free rubber tree planting, as well we are able to offer the 70 to 95% capital return in a year for every plantation of the advanced bio caoutchouc (rubber tree – "hevea brasiliensis" cultivation).

The main problems of the fertilizing way

#1. Overfertilization a.k.a. "fertilizer burn"
    Over–fertilization of a vital nutrient can be as detrimental as underfertilization. The "Fertilizer burn" can occur when too much fertilizer is applied, resulting in drying out of the leaves and damage or even death of the plant.
    Fertilizers vary in their tendency to burn roughly in accordance with their salt index. – Both of the points are result of the "death soil" !
#2. High energy consumption by the fertilizers’ manufacturing:
    Only in the USA along in 2004, 317 billion cubic–feet of natural gas was consumed in the industrial production of ammonia ( — the main fertilizer worldwide ), less than 1.5% of total United States annual consumption of the natural gas. A 2002 report suggested that the production of ammonia consumes about 5% of global natural gas consumption, which is somewhat under 2% of world energy production amount.
    Ammonia is over–whelmingly produced from natural gas, but other energy sources, together with a hydrogen source, can be used for the production of nitrogen compounds suitable for fertilizers. The cost of natural gas makes up about 90% of the cost of producing ammonia. The increase in price of natural gases over the past decade, along with other factors such as increasing demand, have contributed to an increase in fertilizers prices

no fertilizer plantation

Bio ecological production of rubber without fertilizing AGRiKATM

is a new project|concept pesticide & fertilizer free — the Earth’s friendly fertilizing free production of latex (rubber)
even by less or water’s pure agriculture the trees brings a rich yield

All fertilizer's free planting!


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