How the recover of a bearing works and what it brings

Solid ionized material as a lubricant’s agent (iSLA – ionized solid lubrication’ agent) applied directly to the working surface of a bearing (by adding the greas). The iSLA material transfers to the wheel flange, and thence to the gauge face of the bearing. A hyper–ionized material is left behind on the gauge face of the bearing’s surface, that provides superior and extremely low friction (1000 times les then untill now possible) surface to the all bearing’s components. iSLA is applied using any kind of greas.

The " HyperDrive TM " – the Wear Prevention Technology created by using an plasma modified ceramic cluster structures that outlasts steel and reduces wear up to 97% , that prolong the lifespan of a wheel as well the rails up to 11 times and safe operating & maintenance costs for a railway. And in most cases, our solution cost less than the steel (rail/wheel) replaces. Whether it’s wear on brake beams, center plates or bowls, couplers, yokes or brake rods, the HyperDrive TM Wear Prevention Technology can save you thousands or even millions of dollars in replacement and maintanance costs. Reduce the railway— stress, and reduce the operating’s costs.

Benefits (or why our soltion cut costs)

railway bearing wear                   some more wear protection for wheelshow the wheel to rail friction destroy the rail’ surface

And how’s about the rail & wheel corrostion ?

Pretty simple — just use our product AntiCorrodent and it’s works in every weather, location or application’s condition!