Crystals to boost immune system!

Ways to improve the immune system in diseases like cancer, diabetes, alergoiya and treatment of these diseases without medication » a purely natural way to


The main objectives of the Ancestral heritage’ VOLKSGRÜN Project are to offer a solution to enhance immunity to the population, including infants and adults, both for disease suppressing:
  • all kinds of cancers;
  • all kinds of allergies;
  • all kinds of liver disease ( hepatitis: hepatit-A, hepatit-B, and hepatit-C) ;
  • all types of diabetes.

To this crystal it was established for the treatment and maintaining a healthy state on a continuous basis of the human body.

crystall against all kinds of cancers:

crystall against all kinds of cancers
multi purpose anti cancer crystal

Crystal against all types of diabetes:

Crystal against all types of diabetes

Anti allergy bio cystal:

bio crystal


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